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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  February 3, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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ten miles at oeberland college. >> lovely issues but does it deal with the complete extraction of wealth from our country by bankers and those who control the governments if the d dems were not willing to pat themselves on the back, their coach was. >> michael bennett articulated it have well. blaj is exactly right. >> a grand slam right into the camera for our president. how are americans ever going to get back to winning themselves if they are constantly competing with the interests of their elected officials, their desire to keep their job and the special interests that seek to use our elected officials to rig the game against you? we are not just talking about the democrats. we are talking about the vast
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majority around currently serving and recently serving politicians in our country. joining us the head of the democratic house caucus john larsen. congressman, i appreciate you making a moment to talk with us. the president said it best, i think. he said people are tired of politicians in general playing politics to try to keep their jobs when so many americans, we all know, are hurting largely because of outdated policies in the government. today every question was asked by a senator with an important election at the end of this year. maybe a coincidence, maybe not. many of those questions geared towards making them look good to their constituency, in my view, rather than being helpful to fix the underlying structural problems with unemployment, housing, health care, the financial system. what do you say to people who are tired of at least the appearance of game playing or
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lefty/righty red sox/yankees when there is so much concern no matter which team you are playing for, you are not working for me. >> i think you got it right. i think the president in the state of the union talked about the house passing an education billowering costs for the middle class and allows people to have an education that is affordable. we passed a jobs bill and he encouraged the senate to pass that. we passed an energy bill and would like the senate to act on that as well. there are a host of things we passed already where there needs to be action in the senate. i agree, we hope the conversation ends in the senate and the voting begins so we can put america back to work. >> let's talk about the senate. whether you watch the house bill on health care or the senate bill on health care. the senate bill maintained the antitrust monopoly, the house
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was going to get rid of it. widen-bennett was killed in the house. we moved to banks, chris dodd quite honestly came out with a strong bill relative to the house bill on derivative reform only to hear that many of the critical aspects are being gutted, the giant secret derivatives market that banks desperately try to get carved out. how does the american voter articulate until they deal with the game rigging that exists in health care, the monopolies or the taxpayer subsidy going to only to banks not people. and banks are being allowed to hide risks through secret derivatives or borrowing and gambling with bank deposits.
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>> i give it what i call the ogean race test. it is a bastion where people gather, people come back and forth in their commute to work. it is a hamburg and hotdog joint. they've had it with the fact that wall street takes care of wall street. we haven't been able because of what happens in terms of bills being blocked in the senate, obstructionist policies. people have had it. the president's state of the union and him going to the republican conference and going out to american people. let them know there is a fight that needs to be engaged on. >> doesn't he have a problem with democrats who appear to be and many of whom i imagine are more beholden to their special interest than updating broken systems? >> i think, dylan, the issue here and whether it is democrats
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or republicans it doesn't matter to the public. >> exactly. >> they want to see action. they don't understand this arcane 60-vote rule. this is not "mr. smith goes to washington." they want to see action. if that is the rule, let's call the bluff. filibuster. if that issue is that important they ought to filibuster. they've got an energy bill, a jobs bill, an education bill over there. as you pointed out as we were talking they also have a number of proposals we thought were more important in health care we think they should take 51 votes, that is the way everyone learned from history and civics teachers, 51 votes not 60 and put that to the test. i'm glad the president is going out. i'm glad the president cited the house in his state of the union message. we have 264 bills in the senate they haven't taken up. >> i appreciate your candor.
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i'm hopeful some of the things we are talking about come to me. >> you are right on with the derivatives. >> we need it. >> credit default swaps, the whole nine yards. these are the things we have consistently been tackling in the house. it is two bodies. we're going to get there, dylan. >> i have no doubt the american people will make it schaap with whatever politician is sitting in that chair. i'm sure if whoever is sitting in that chair who doesn't do it may likely do something else soon. what you need to know about america's secret mission inside pakistan. yes. there is a secret mission inside pakistan. a deadly bombing schetting new light on a u.s. military government that both governments, the pakistani and the u.s. government would prefer be kept quiet. remember, follow the nukes. pakistan is on the trail. a mea culpa from white house
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we're back with the day's other need to know headlines. shall we mix it up. the headlines, as always, some good, bad, and some straight up
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ugly. americans killed in pakistan. possible civil penalties against toyota for the gas pedal problem. an apology for rahm emanuel. thank god he exists. then i don't look like i have to apology so much. and our fight and the fight you fund every day against al qaeda. a roadside bomb that killed three u.s. soldiers today inside pakistan. the americans there on a training mission they say with the pakistani army. they were the first to know u.s. military fatalities in the tribal regions had occurred. the attack for our purposes beyond the obvious tragedy highlights the existence of our children, our troops, our off spring, our trainees and representatives inside the pakistani borders at a time when anti-american sentiment is running high. with us is roger krese, author
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and friend of the show, dafd sirodaç and charming, intelligt man jonathan capehart. everyone knows the ghost war in cambodia simultaneous to the political and public war in vietnam. we know afghanistan does not have nukes but may harbor terrorists. we know pakistan does have nukeses and does har por terrorists. what is going on? >> dylan, the united states has been asking the pakistani to do more. the one way to do that is to help train them. what these forces are doing, they are from special operations command providing counterinsurgency training and how to deal with an insurgency. this is not a mission focused on maintaining pakistan's control over nuclear weapons.
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it is a traditional special operations mission we conduct in a number of countries around the world. >> americans learn after the fact of much more extensive military operations outside of the vietnam border. are there more extensive operations in pakistan we will learn about in the next ten years. >> so i don't think there is an undeclared war being conducted inside pakistan. what is going on is what the cia is doing from the air, the predator program. you have small pockets of the u.s. military operating on the ground, working with the pakistani government and army to support the coordination of drone strikes or do counterinsurgency training and provide intelligence. which looks like what this group was doing when they were tragically killed. >> i need mr. sirota and mr.
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capehart to jump in. >> i would be happy to mix it up. if i could make one point. we don't know how many military contractors are operating in pakistan in an undeclared war so the united states government can offer plausible deniblt to how much of an american footprint we have there. >> anything on rthat, roger? >> i don't think you have blackwater type presence. >> top intelligent officials are warning of the presence of lone wolf terrorists seeking to launch an attack in the united states. this warning says attacks could come by this summer. >÷o the question is what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s.
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homeland in the next three to six months? high or low? director blair? >> an attempted attack, the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. pi netta? >> i would agree with that. >> mr. mueller. >> agree. >> now, listen, i'm all into being afraid and all the rest of that. is it unfair to say that somebody is plan 'ing to attempt some sort of attack on the united states all the time at this point on some level whether they are talking about it in a mosque, walking around in a bar in yemen, in other words, how do we differentiate from people who fantasize about this, whether they are in the middle east or a garage in oklahoma and actual threats? >> dylan, this is what we talk about all the time. intent versus capability. what you saw yesterday was a confirmation that the community believes the capability exists for al qaeda in yemen or a similar affiliate to launch another attempt like on
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christmas day inside the united states. that is the big shift over the past few months not the individual self-starter with no connections who decides to do something on his own. but what christmas day was a wakeup call to the intelligence community there are other elements of al qaeda in yemen and other affiliates have the capability to do this. >> the capability being to get an underpants bomb on an airline? we know they can bypass our plane security but we didn't see them blow up their underpants. >> good thing. it could be the training of female suicide bombers, caucasian individuals with clean passports. what they are seeing in the terrorism world is al qaeda and affiliates are trying to game our security and find a way through it. >> we are learning the feds are considering civil penalties
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against toyota for the recall of 2 million in the u.s. ray lahood saying today they are looking for other possible defects in the toyota automotive line. had simple advice for the owners. >> my advice is if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it. take it to the toyota dealer. >> that annihilated toyota's stock today. he said he misspoke when he said people should not drive those cars but we were listen. >> yeah. >> there could be blowback for the feds. jonathan, a housç panel going to look why regulators didn't push toyota to recall vehicles sooner. immense profits on the line for car makers. reminds me of ford firestone. where is this headed politically and is there a government
4:18 pm
responsibility? is there going to be evidence of failure, regulatory, what is going on? >> no. politically what is happening is what is supposed to happen. we've found out that toyota didn't take the warnings and complaints that have been going on for at least a couple of years seriously and now they are looking into why these things weren't caught earlier. toyota finds itself in the classic crisis pr problem. they were told they had a problem. they tried to deflect it and say, no, nothing to see here, everything is fine. when it blew up in their faces they waited two, three days to take it seriously. now their brand is in trouble where it was considered one of the most trusted and popular brands and now all the transportation secretary has to do is misspeak and their stock plummets. they are in big, big trouble and it is trouble of their own making. >> is this the tiger woods plan,
4:19 pm
create a certain perception of the brand and if there is a quality issue with the brand david sirota, try to ignore it as long as possible until it ends up on the front of the national enquirer. can toyota get out of the problem? >> it is very, very difficult. especially because toyota is branded as not just a good car company but branded as a safe car company. people who buy toyotas are buying it because it is supposed to be a safe car. if you take away that key part of its brand it can start to reel. >> the brand chasms continue. roger, you took up too much air time. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel met with the special olympics. this will come to you capehart.
4:20 pm
he was quoted using the word retarded to liberal activists, i added that part. sarah palin blasted emanuel and said he should be fired. palin has a son with down syndrome. the political liability is immense. i should say immensely understandable. i don't know how big it is. foot in mouthç syndrome. is there anything worse here? >> look, he said it. it was reported in "the wall street journal." he was taken to task for it. i think bill burton today made it clear that rahm emanuel wanted to apologize and he did. he met with tim shriver the head of the special olympics. from what i understand the apology was accepted. from the white house perspective, the apology is accepted and time to move on. >> sounds like me and debbie
4:21 pm
wasz wa waszerman schultz. >> the language was unacceptable. what is unacceptable is the white house can give orders to outside progressive groups about whether they should pressure members of congress. many groups have taken those orders is a huge problem. the way to pass real progressive legislation is for progressive groups to be pushing the white house not to be taken orders from a hack like rahm emanuel at the white house. >> that would make you think you lived in a dres. lived in a democracy. i joke. i joke. >> david, it is a pleasure, john -- >> we are back in balance. >> thank you, roger. rumors about the death of financial reform swirling. derivatives, a full giveaway to
4:22 pm
the banks. the volcker rule get rid of it. let them gamble with other people's money. let them stick the risk with the treasury as long as they keep those bonuses. why not? who do these politicians work for? we talk about it with one of the new white nights in the senate when it comes to real rules for real banks. senator maria cantwell. over the years alexi gianouliuos has had shady ties. >> if the truth doesn't get where you need to go, do this. you may offend italian americans. it is part of today's "busted." back right after this.ç
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china is not waiting. it is moving. and already the anticipation is that they will lap us when it comes to clean energy. >> oh, to say the least. they may lap us when it comes to dirty energy, too. today's "by the numbers" comes from the other side of the world. just this past weekend the "new york times" reporting china has become the largest maker of wind turbines in the world, leaping past its biggest competitors, including us in the united states. that, i hate to say it, just the beginning. since 2007, forget alternative energy, china has become the world's largest manufacture of solar panels for themselves and export and the "times" reporting that china is pushing to build nuclear reactors and clean-coal power plants. we love to pump our money to
4:27 pm
foreign oil suppliers, namely those who would like to kill us. what, you might think, is china doing away from alternative energy? well, let me tell you. in recent years, china in addition to their alternative energy development has been the biggest buyer of major oil reserves on earth, oil reserves for them that by definition are no longer oil reserves for us. i'm not talking just about the middle east. they did a huge deal with brazil, nigeria, already unstable, we lose leverage, they sell oil. canada our biggest oil supplier, by far the most stable, the chinese in developing those field not to mention kazakhstan, iran, iraq. you have to wonder how much of the world's energy resources china intended to control as they finance the bailouts and deficits in this country.
4:28 pm
they got the energy. they got the money. we all know about our dependency on foreign oil. if you thought dealing with the saudis was bad imagine deals with the chinese. they almost own most of our debt f. they control our energy resources at what point does our sovereignty as a nation get called into question and is that our politicians' fault for not dealing with it? the solution? you and i have to move to get off our addiction to foreign oil. presidents like to say it. as long as it is cheap people don't want to do it. our country, among the richest in the world with reserves of natural gas that will blow your mind. huge transportation infrastructure. coal, i don't get into it. wind, the saud[ arabia wind over the dakotas, nukes, you pick it. all of it available here. imagine what it would do for job creation and national security in this country.
4:29 pm
just so we have cheap oil now, boost profit margins now and leave the rest of us with the fiasco? we have invited t. boone pickens. it is fun to say, to debate his plan to stop america's energy reliance. it is a good one, if you ask me, secure america and end our reliance on foreign powers for energy. if this is a country based on freedom let us act in a free way not passing our sovereignty to foreign nations or corporations that control our government. ahead, a consideration to that end with maria cantwell about whether you ultimately control your life or the government and the banks control it for you. and in today's "town square" ed schultz friend of the program, on the health care beat. live in person with more anecdotes and more reality as to exactly the state of health care in america today. for all the moments that make every day special.
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welcome back. nothing better explains the housing problem, the employment problem, the lack of innovation, science and energy nearing in the country problem than a financial system designed to extract money from human beings as opposed to deliver money to human beings. financial reform, meanwhile, continues to struggle in our legislative body. let's just say it is not pretty. the senate banking committee continues to try to hash out a bill they claim will have bipartisan support. something chairman chris dodd says he went go to the floor without. in trying to get republicans onboard, rumors are once promising legislation may all be gutted. the original plan which was the best that had come out, got rid of the end user customer
4:34 pm
exemption, corporate insurance, sell cheap insurance between aig and your favorite oil company. when it goes to hell they pay the bill. proposed clawbacks on executive pay in the dodd bill. outstanding was the loophole for banks to park risks offshore. the more the bank can stick the risk with somebody else and keep the money that is what they call good business, my man. meanwhile, noç clawbacks for financial ceos they paid creating the mess over the last ten years. the key plan is consumer agency scrapped, crooked insurance across the board, taxpayer subsidized corporate insurance will stay secret. that is the easiest way to make money and give it to your favorite politician.
4:35 pm
the volcker rule which would eliminate the ability for some banks to use your deposits as a speculative instrument the senate apparently doesn't like that either. you wonder where the money comes. oh, look, the banks give a lot of money to the senate and it starts to make sense. a central player in the fight for reform. one of the few white knights working for the principles of innovation, investment and work as opposed to speculation and risk transfer, senator maria cantwell joins us from washington. can you walk us through those rumors, senator? how much of what is coming out of washington is true? are derivatives going to get a full pass? >> well, we know loopholes got us into this mess in 2000 in the dark of night legislation passed 7:00 p.m., a 1,500 page bill with loopholes created this derivatives market which brought down our economy because it wasn't based on real, solid
4:36 pm
financial schemes. >> you didn't even need any money, to make it simple. you didn't even have to have money to make money. >> that is why it blew into a $56 trillion market. it was legalized gambling. loopholes if they continue with legislation coming to the senator floor we are going to not only have the same problems we have dealt with in the last year but you could see another bubble forming again. that is what we absolutely need to stop. >> if you look at the way, at least the optics right now, the government the banks and everybody else. what it looks like is the banks get money from the government. the people give their money to the banks. the people give their money to the government. the banks get all the money and the people get all the risk carried in the government which by the way is a brilliant
4:37 pm
strategy because you keep the money and stick the risk with the government. everybody gets that except some politicians, apparently. why do politicians think they can perpetuate this and keep their jobs? >> well, first of all, the big banks have gotten too big and are taking on too much having commercial banking and investment banking joined together. now as youç articulated the ri is being backed by taxpayer money. >> everybody gets it. >> that is a problem. when you come down here to write legislation on things such as derivatives all of a sudden the banking industry comes in full force to say this is too complicated, you will ruin the economy. you will ruin the market. if you go back to the regulations we had before. we know prior to 2000 that was sound financial regulation and kept our economy whole. that is what we need to get back to. >> at the end of the day if you
4:38 pm
look at the banks and you have to be sympathetic because they have more information than anybody else and could exploit that to be very wealthy. because of technology, on the stock market side, decimalization, internet brokers, quite honestly that profit margin went away because of technology. same thing happened with music. it is happening in the media industry. this is an incredibly disruptive period in american history akin to the industrial revolution. the only thing the banks had left, god bless them, was the ability to create these secret derivative markets to gamble with other people's money so they could stay rich guys. being a rich guy as a banker is the point. and maintaining legal loopholes to hide what i'm doing, how else do you expect me to get rich, senator? being a banker? >> you are doing well talking about what has happened.
4:39 pm
these institutions are taking the money and putting those into derivatives instead of getting capital into small businesses or ipos. >> so it is an extraction. >> things that would grow our economy. the amount of money that used to go into those activities have been hugely diminished. we need to help small banks, community banks and regulate the derivatives market. >> why do you think it is -- a year and a half ago, two years ago when i was at cnbc, people thought i was crazy. now i can talk about it with cab drivers. everybody gets it. they don't like gambling with other people's money and hiding risk. kindergarteners get it. the only people who don't seem to get it is the politicians. wall street paid itself for risks it couldn't bear and stick
4:40 pm
the risk thank you mr. geithner et cetera with the american people. i'm concerned with the american's politician's mind that they don't see that. >> what has to happen is you have to have people in washington realizing the smartest guys in the room are not these guys from wall street. they are not articulating thgç best interest of the american public. they might be really smart and might have figured out a way to create these loopholes that drove this crazy market. >> and they make a lot of money. >> but people know now that is not the smartest people in america we admire. we have to listen to those cab drivers and drill down on the legislation. even though they are getting larger businesses to come here to lobby in washington for them to be a front man for their legislation we had an event with farmers union and truckers and industrial workers who were saying don't be fooled by that. don't be fooled by the fact the
4:41 pm
large banks are getting people to come shill for them. the bottom line is everybody who has to basically depend on those kmcommodity markets functioning are going have havoc wreaked on them if we continue this policy. they are pointing out there are things going on in oil markets that don't follow fundamental supply and demand issues. they really don't. >> i look forward to learning about it. thank you, senator, for the time and indulging my effervescence. what is going on in our health care system, speaking of another broken system. while politicians diter in washington the reality of the uninsured, the unreformed monopoly that is health insurance and boots on the ground, doctors and patients dealing with those realities in today's "town quarter."
4:42 pm
that is still to come. first the president using vegas to make a point about what is happening in our economy. gambling. it wasn't a good one. at least not if you are the mayor of las vegas. as you might guess, folks in sin city not happy. desperate driving using a mannequin to qualify for the carpool lane. if we don't know how many kids there are,
4:43 pm
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shining the spotlight of transparency on folks we think are misbehaving. the internet, the 21st century is a beautiful thing because everything is known and true no matter those who have something to lose and gain. up first, the president apologizing for another negative comment about las vegas. he criticized corporations about using bailout money, taking trips to sin city. at a town hall in new hampshire yesterday he made another comment. >> when times are tough you tighten your belts. you don't go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. you don't blow a bunch of cash on vegas if you are trying to save for college. >> the mayor of las vegas not
4:47 pm
happy with the president. here is his response. >> this president is a real slow lerner. i want the president to straighten this out. if not, he is not welcomed in my city as far as i'm concerned. >> as far as i'm concerned it is a shame the president is not harder on the legalized gambling the guts of our financial system and easier on legalized gambling and tourism that is the life blood of las vegas. obama did apology to harry reid. i was making the simple point that families use vacation dollars not college tuition money to have fun. give the guy a break. i've always enjoyed my visits and hope folks will visit in record numbers this year. maybe we'll get an obama vegas commercial. he will head to las vegas for a jobs event. the mayor not laying out the welcome mat.
4:48 pm
dirty politics reared its ugly head in illinois. hours after the state treasure, alexei gianoullias won the democratic senate primary, that is an italian name, gianoullias, excuse me. republicans are comparing gianoullias, an italian name to a character from "the sopranos." >> michael jaws girango a crime boss that ran prostitution rings and engaged in gambling. gianoullias said i don't know what makes him a criminal. he discussed his criminal past. what a wise guy. gianoullias is tied to corrupt ex-governor rod blagojevich. >> after comparing gianoullias to the governor the ad continues to invoke mob mentality. it is online if you are looking
4:49 pm
to enjoy mob ambiance this ç afternoon. continuation of politics as usual, politicians messing with each other to try to get their job, keep their job while they make politically expedient decisions with our money that doom or make the issue for us who will be here for years to come that much bigger so these guys can enjoy themselves. a computer in the -- a commuter in the fast lane busted. a commuter trying to pass off a mannequin. the passenger was wearing sunglasses and a visor except it was a very cloudy morning. the 61-year-old driver faces a fine and points. i feel like i can busted for worse in the car so i'm going to
4:50 pm
go easier on her. among all the politics in washington we talk to uninsured americans looking for real reform. on "hardball" should president obama schedule question time the way they do in great britain. chris matthews talks to mother chris matthews talks to mother jones journalist mother jones. e the bee's knees? chris matthews talks to mother jones journalist mother jones. boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the images from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help.
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welcome back. "town square." that is a nice clock tower. some town squares are very nice. more health care shenanigans in the "town square." first in the house where democrats are trying to fix the senate bill before it goes to
4:54 pm
the president's desk. the politicking underway on a big bill to bring americans closer to some version of overhauling of the insurance system as opposed to an expansion of the insurance system absent reform. in the senate the hill reporting democrats may not be able to force the bill through using budget reconciliation, allowing 51 votes. it has to be proven everything in the legislation is in the budget. they may stall to offer an endless number of amendments. all this happening in washington as ordinary americans suffer without health care or pay premiums that are higher than they should be because they are dealing with an unreformed dealing with an unreformed market or so high they can't or can't afford treatment when they get sick. we know the story.
4:55 pm
ed schultz hosting his show tonight from a free health clinic in hartford, connecticut. ed, thank you for jumping in the chair for me yesterday. >> glad to do it. >> what is going on up there? >> dylan, this is a place where you're never going to see a politician. they don't show up because they might see the real america, the folks that undoubtedly need help, have pre-existing conditions. it is one story after another of the folks who have had to struggle with health care coverage. joining me is dr. craig deits. he is kind enough to travel the country to these free clinics. doctor, we talked about how to keep costs down. basic visits could reduce costs
4:56 pm
in this country. we've seen that today, haven't we? >> yes. we sent a woman with chest pain and uncontrolled high blood pressure to the emergency room. this is a problem that can be taken care of in any primary care office and pennies worth of medications. now she is in the emergency room. >> most of the people you see are cardiac issue? >> cardiac related, high blood pressure. things that are normally easy to take care of. >> and diabetes. >> diabetes is another big one. >> the common denominator is folks don't have insurance and can't afford it. some of the folks haven't seen a doctor for years. >> most of the patients coming here are employed but can't afford insurance from their own employer. my own insurance went up 30% and i haven't made any claims. someone trying to access health care with diabetes or
4:57 pm
hypertension, it is not going to happen. >> these are not unemployed americans, these are americans working one, two jobs. i met a gentleman working three jobs trying to make ends meet and reaching out and swallowing their pride in many respects, aren't they? >> it is hard. many people in the work force if they are lucky enough to have a job were used to having good coverage from their employer. that is not the case anymore. people not used to access the public health care system or free network is having to come here and it is hard for them to navigate the system. >> dr. dietz, thanks for what you do. dylan, i had a number people ask me if joe lieberman was going to be here andç they would crack smile and laugh because they know he would never show up. the state of connecticut is the home of big insurance companies. 11% of the people in this state
4:58 pm
do not have insurance. this is happening all over the country. in the house or the senate bill, dylan, if passed would help people here. >> the underlying question is how in the heck is a health insurance company going to make money if they have to treat sick people? it is bad for business. catch more on ed at 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. chris matthews picks up right now. we will get paul ryan who was supposed to be here today. "hardball" up right now. rules of engagement. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in snow-covered washington. leading off, this could be the start of something big that's right. president obama's remarkable
4:59 pm
appearance before house republicans on friday ignited something good in our democracy. a push to turn and american president's meeting into a regular event. a group of political thinkers to the anti-tax right to the blogging left is asking if the prime minister can do it in england, why can't we do it here? the republican criticism of how the obama administration handled the christmas day bombing attempt. more on that in the program. we're going to have a lot more of that on the program tonight. mainly the issue is going to be the question of whether the president should meet regularly with his political opponents in some formal manner. back to the christmas day bomber. the question is whether it is being handled correctly with a criminal approach, with miranda rights or you lose a lot of information that way. a lot of questions if the republicans are guilty, if that is the right


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